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I have been attending Ann’s pilates for many years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. Prior to having my first baby, I was attending 3 classes a week (2 x floor classes and 1 x gymstick class). After having my first baby I was unable to make it back to any classes for a year and became very unfit.  Ann helped me get back into shape going to 1 floor class a week.  I am now due with my second child in a few weeks and am still doing the one class a week.  Ann is great at giving different levels of exercise to meet the levels of fitness for her students and has pregnancy options for those of us that need them.  Whilst I know I won’t be able to make it back to class straight away after giving birth, I am very much looking forward to coming back as soon as I am able to.

(June 29th, 2016)


I want to thank you for your help and experience in the Pilates Classes that I attend with you twice a week. Over the past 5 years since I have been attending your classes I have really appreciated your understanding when I have had to come back slowly from injuries. I always knew I was in good hands and enjoyed being able to still exercise even when I wasn’t physically right. Thanks for adapting many of your classes to accommodate me.  Most of all thank you for providing classes that don’t cause injury to my body but at the same time push me enough so that I feel the work out two days later. Your classes are challenging but at the same time enjoyable which is why many of us keep returning year after year.
Natalie Adams
KUKA Home Bunbury
(May 2nd 2016)


I started Pilates with Ann as a supplement to my Yoga practice, to give my body greater stability. This combination of practices gives me what I need to stay fit. If I can move as well as Ann does when I’m her age I’ll be very pleased!

Dr Vahri McKenzie, Senior Lecturer
School of Arts and Humanities
Edith Cowan University (South West Campus)
(May 4th 2016)


“I started out doing Pilates approx. 5 years ago to ease the stress of a desk job but it has helped me through 2 pregnancies and difficult births and  through the years of rocking babies and hauling toddlers. It means that I can connect with my body and know how posture and everyday movements affect my wellbeing and how to stretch my way out of any aches and pains.”

Tasha Kernohan
(May 9th 2016)


Susie Heyworth

(May 11th 2016)


I came to see Ann from a recommendation by a friend. I am a runner and had recently found out I had a bulging disc, reason for the amount of pain I was experiencing when trying to run!

Ann did an appraisal on me, instructed me to stop running, and helped me develop the muscles I needed to run pain free. It is now not even a year later and I am back to running 3 times a week – pain free!!! I am still doing my personal training sessions with Ann and can’t see me stopping real soon. I can not put into words the gratitude I feel for Ann for getting me back to what I love doing.

Thank you Ann from the bottom of my heart!

Kym Eversden (8th April 2009)

When I joined the Pilates Group, I was suffering from a prolonged back injury. I did not know at the time how damaged my lower back was.

After two years I progressed to the next level, and so on, and now I have no problems in this area. I have been attending weekly for 6 years and am now about to start my 7th year. My age is 72 years.

Thank you Ann, for your individual time and energy that you have given each and everyone who requires it during the sessions.

Jackie Yates
Capel 6271


Ann has been my personal trainer since 2003. She motivates and encourages me with new exercise programs and, by introducing new pieces of equipment, constantly challenges my body and mind.
Under her direction I have been able to set my goals of trekking the Annapurna Circuit and attempt Island Peak in Nepal.

In the workplace I know I am more physically fit and mentally alert than some of my younger colleagues - I owe this to Ann.

Zita Moriarty (53 years old)


Thanks to Ann, Pilates in not only a weekly exercise session, it is part of my everyday life.  Ann is passionate about the benefits of pilates.  This is evident when attending her classes.  For diversity she introduces new exercises while including old favourites, she continually checks our form to make sure it is as close to perfect as we can get it and she inspires us to push ourselves a little bit harder. A pilates session leaves me feeling invigorated, relaxed and strong.  Attending Ann’s personal training sessions, I have had the added benefit of using the Reformer and getting some one on one advice that I take with me to the group sessions. I also use this knowledge in my day to day activities and apply it to other forms of exercise. When I started pilates with Ann, I knew I had found a discipline that really works and knew I would be in it for the long haul.

Terri  (22nd January, 2008)


Pilates is as hard as you want to make it.  I can come in tired from work and come out feeling great.  It is a really good whole body work out and it results in a really good night’s sleep.  Ann makes you aware of your posture (which has helped in my everyday life) and doing pilates helps you understand why your body feels like it does.  

Shan  (22nd January, 2008)